Mountain Bike Enduro Tours Gran Canaria

Inmerse in sunny mountains of Gran Canaria with our shuttle assisted and guided tours doing mountain bike through best trails of Enduro, Downhill or Freeride Enduro Mtb Day Designed for those who have no time for a week riding but want to do a test himself, explore, ride fast, flow, jump, Shoot or just to Leer másMountain Bike Enduro Tours Gran Canaria[…]

How travel to Gran Canaria and enjoy with your bike

Go to the web browser and search for flights to Gran Canaria. We recommend this one because it has a nice graphic according our preferences normally look for a direct flight or the one with less transfer / waiting time or better arriving / depart times also look for bike transport prices ( you can Leer másHow travel to Gran Canaria and enjoy with your bike[…]

Spanish Downhill Nationals 2019 at Gran Canaria

Again, Teror will celebrate de Spanish Downhill mountain bike championship the days 20 and 21 of July. DH Racers will travel to Gran Canaria this summer where they will find on of the best trails for Downhill and Enduro.

Enduro Worls Series 2019 in Gran Canaria – Villa de Teror

Welcome to the first race of the Enduro World Series Qualifier Series in the Canary Islands, a paradise with the best weather in the world where you can practice MTB every day of the year.  Taking part in the Enduro Villa de Teror the next 1 and 2 o June 2019 involves touring some of Leer másEnduro Worls Series 2019 in Gran Canaria – Villa de Teror[…]