Plan your bike holidays from Germany to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a week to Gran Canaria from most important airports

Straight flights from Germany : Actually ( June 19 ) there are some pretty good prices to book week holidays flights .

Munich – Prices from there has lowered down pretty much staying from September 2019 to middle December 2019 at 130 – 170€ both ways for a week trip. Also in summer there are some little offers around 180-230€. Most common Flight companies in summer are Iberia and Norwegian. After September you need to add to the previous flight companies Tui Fly and Condor .

To book in January – February 2020 flights are now at 120€ to direct flights to Gran Canaria. Normal straight flight days are Saturday , Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bike transport prices are per transfer 60€ Condor, 50€ Norwegian, 45€ Iberia, 65€ Tui Fly. In airport the same day its much more expensive.

Franckfurt – prices are bit higher for this summer compared wit Munich, been cheapest around 260€ for middle July for a direct flight with Condor, and starts to lower prices ending October 2019 at 111€ with Ryanair. Seems to be easy to get good fares in all November , December, January, February and March, Except some traditional busy dates… Flights are normally almost every day.

Bike transport are per transfer 60€ Condor , 60€ Ryanair booking in advance always. In airport the same day its much more expensive.

Düsseldorf – Regular flights weekly from wednesday to monday. Summer seems to have good offers from here been cheapest flight prices around 150-180€ until half October. Ending October and complete November you can get easily atwo way ticket for 90€ with LaudaMotion.

Its not really clear but seems that Laudamotion follow same bike transport rules than Ryanair.

Berlín – Direct Flights mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Been Cheapest flight in August at 158€ with Ryanair. And starting to lower prices in October with 125€ Ryanair, lowest rate seen is 97€ with Ryanair in November. After that December , January , February , March will have prices around 110 and 130€ with Ryanair.

Bike transport per transfer 60€ with Ryanair… booking in advance always

Hamburg – Flights on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. June have still direct flights at 140€ with Norwegian. July is now on 200€ with Ryanair. August Goes down to 147€ with Ryanair also. October seems to be most expensive month to fly from here , being December cheapest flight options starting from 80€ both ways with Ryanair. From november you will have straight flights every day and January -February 2020 you will get prices under 100€ in Ryanair .

Bike transport per transfer 60€ with Ryanair… booking in advance always

Stuttgart – Direct flights Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday (4h 55 min). Laudamotion (Ryanair) has really competitive prices starting at 88€ in November and 72€ in December