4 de septiembre de 2022


How is a typical or exclusive mountain bike enduro / downhill tour day at DhGC?

Meet us at 9am to fill in the tour agreement form, get equipped, pay and go full gas up to mountains & do most enduro downhill rides possible.

  • On a typical day you meet us at our workshop at 9.00 to fill in the tour agreement form, get equipped , and make the payment.

  • Load bikes to trailer and explain how’s the weather going to be, ask us if you bring all the necessary for ride and if you need something more and GO. We make it typical but for you is exclusive !

  • We leave around 9:15 in a van to the mountains and start riding from the top. Depends on the journey, first shuttle can take 1h/45 min/30 min or 15 minutes, so if you ride a week don’t hesitate, will do them all.

  • Will ride until lunch time and then the group stops at a local restaurant (not included in tour price) – If you need some different food just tell us before the day starts we can organise it ( for example in case of vegans) .

  • After lunch we ride until around 16:00 and arrive around 16:30/17:00 to Maspalomas area.

  • For new clients of course all or almost all trails will be new but also for repeaters we always have new trails to show.

  • As additinal info ,we need to know in advance what type of tour you would like to book, for how many riders, riding level and if you need to rent a bike and safety equipment or not.

Crew of the day!

How is the process of booking a single day or bike holiday package?

  • The details of the booking will be settled on the email conversations.

  • To secure your reservation, you are required to make a bank transfer of 30‰ of the total amount to our account.

  • No bookings/reservations are secured without paying a deposit. Payments can be by bank transfer, by credit card and/or by cash money.

Can I book a mountain bike holiday without booking accommodation with DhGC?

  • Yes, you can book only the mountain bike guided tours and as many as you wish.

  • You can also book only the mountain bike tours + airport transfers.

If I book accommodation with DhGC, will there be bike storage?

  • Always , all the accommodation options we have on our website have free bike storage.

  • In case you book by your own, we can provide as an option also secure bike storage and services at our workshop.

Looks fun, it´s fun.

Are all mountain bike tours guided?

  • Yes, in our tours there is always a guide in front of the group.

  • In the case you just want only a shuttle in the same journey than our tours are running just need to assure your seat.

  • Theres a guided tour seat/rider/bike priority unless you contracted a complete shuttle.

Can I book only the shuttle to the mountains?

  • Yes we also shuttle always when there´s room after our guided/shuttled tours.

  • By other hand you can book a complete riders+bike shuttle in advance to assure yourself ther service.
  • We provide earlybird shuttles before our tour routine starts.

Do I go in a group? What’s the maximum group size I can book?

  • You will go in group if you are less than 7 riders.

  • Our 9 seater vans can take up 7 riders + driver + guide.

  • We also accept bigger groups organising it with enough time in advance.

Can I book a private tour?

  • Yes, we do private tours depending on availability.

  • The cost of a private tour is 560€ not including bikes.

  • By booking a private tour you get 1 van, driver and guide only for you.

If I book a bike holiday do I have to start on a specific day of the week?

  • Normally you can start every day of the week . Ask conditions.

Can I book a mountain bike holiday package with as many nights at the accommodation and riding days as I want?

  • Yes, just let us know when and how many and we will prepare it.

Do you organise road cycling tours , transfers or shuttles?

  • Yes, we can prepare customised cycling tours for a journey or complete holiday, provide you following services, transfers, baggage transport, video and photo services but not guiding .

Can I book half days?

  • Ocasionally when there are two riders or more we can do half day ride. May be you don’t have a full day but we strongly recommend a full day journey.

  • Half day rides are not the same trails than complete day rides normally.

Do I get picked up from my hotel or apartment?

  • We don’t pick up riders as that would make us waste riding time and be like a taxi driver to everybody.

  • We want that you ride , She/ He rides and everybody ride so you need to do the effort come to us.

  • If your group is 5 riders or more we may pick up depending on the location.

  • You can book accommodation anywhere on the island but keep in mind that you need to meet at our shop at 9 on the riding days.

Where’s the best place to book accommodation if I’m booking it on my own?

If I book several days, will I ride the same trails?

  • Almost all the trails will be different on a 5-7-10 or 15 days bike holiday.

  • Yes we have checked it, ask the season is not always happening.

If I need to cancel due to Covid or another situation, do I lose my deposit?

  • We don’t refund the deposit but you can use it on your next visit to Gran Canaria.