4 de septiembre de 2022

Our Miniature Continent

«Gran Canaria, our miniature continent is a great fine weather. This is why it is the destination for a thousand mountain bikers or more, from all over Europe, be ready for FUN»

Himar Sanchez
Rider from Finland flowing over rocks!

The third largest island in the Canary Islands, is also known as “Miniature Continent” due to its climatic, geographic, floristic and faunistic diversity.

But not only the weather is different from north to south, also the culture, gastronomy, the people, the landscape as well as the architectural picture. Here you will learn what you should not miss on Gran Canaria.

Things to know about Gran Canaria, why Miniature Continent?

Firstly Gran Canaria, miniature Continent, is climatically roughly divided into the wetter north and the drier south. The contrast is so high that you can love it or hate it , we personally love it all at every hidden corner.

The western part of the island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The highest point is the 1949 meter high volcano Pico de las Nieves in the center of the island.

Miniature Continent for mountain bike riders

in addition to our info, Bike shuttle from coast to summit can take between 45min to 1hour, and there are many different routes to go up

The landmark of Gran Canaria, however, is the 1813 meter high Roque Nublo.

The Canary Islands are especially popular in winter because of their mild climate.

Explore our Gran Canaria, biking paradise.

Imagine being honorary member of a mile-long open air gym, a life-long member. At a superb gym with great temperatures even during the Winter months.

Locals & «Guiris» vs «Guiris» & Locals – who is who

Just a warming sun in Summer, not too hot. Plus an ocean-sized swimming pool.

Gran Canaria is a great fine weather , and it´s ready for fun.

This is why it is the destination for a thousand riders and professional teams, from all over Europe, as well as for anyone looking to go on and during your active holidays.

Moreover, you can go hiking in the forests, play golf on the edge of a volcanic crater, go running along the sea front, go surfing in hidden away beaches… or Mountain Bike with US

We are open for business right now, the fair weather gym never closes.

Some sandy & dusty moments. Focus on switchbacks!

A refuge for mountain bikers , cyclist, surfers, both men and women, for those mad about windsurfing, divers , and sailors.

Gran Canaria is an island offering a whole host of routes formal cycling, plus , mountain bike-tourism enthusiasts and anyone who loves to be in direct contact with nature.

Whether you prefer mountain bike or long distance cycling, your bike will make the perfect companion to visit indescribable landscapes. 

Gran Canaria, ride at best temperatures

It is well known that Gran Canaria is the perfect place to escape to in the winter with its 128 beaches and 24ºC average temperature all year round.

Steep and full rocky mountain bike enduro tour slope in our Miniature Continent

But very few people are aware of the central mountainous area,   providing mountain biking paradise. Gran Canaria is a miniature continent with a privileged eco-system.

It has mountain bike trails included some very exclusive our secret trail ones.

Also coincidentally it has many landscapes similarly similar to large spaces scattered around the world, like our Barranco de las vacas has with Antelope Canyon.

Due to its morphology, the island is mountainous with abrupt and   spectacular landscapes.

You can find Mountain bike trails of every difficulty but definitely most of them are from intermediate to advanced skill riders . … its what we are here for!

Pro rider Guido Tschugg enjoying Gran Canaria trails

Now in conclusion you have it more clear , soo……….. be welcome to our Miniature Continent to ride!