22 de marzo de 2019

Bike Rent

Actually in our Bike rent we have in stock really nice and pimped downhill and enduro bikes . Best quality and mint conditions. Enjoy all the tracks and single trails on them.

Bike rent conditions:

– 2 riding days 5€ less per day

– Long weekend 3/4 days 10€ less per day, from first day

– Complete week , 5 days , 15€ less per day.

  • Enduro bikes include , inner tube , multi tool , tire levers and hand pump.
  • Downhill bikes can be adjusted to rider preferences before rental: tire pressures, fork air setting and sock spring rate ( depends stocks).

Rent Rent Conditions;

Bikes Rent can only be pree-booked and paid in advance. After your order is registered, you will receive an order confirmation. We ask you to bring this confirmation with you on paper or on your phone/tablet to make the process more efficient in the bike shop.

  • Downhill bikes must be used only on our downhill tours.
  • All biking is on the guests own responsibility, and the guest is responsible for bringing the bike back in the same condition as when it was picked up. 
  • Any damage on the bike rental is deducted by you.
  • You agree that you´re responsible for the bike
  • If the bike gets stolen whilst in your care you will be required to pay for the original price of the bike.