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Plan your bike holidays from USA to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a longer week to Gran Canaria from most important airports.

Best flight options from USA and Canada : Actually (June 19) there are some pretty good prices to book long week holidays flights .

New York – we have found several options from there with low prices and one connection that helps to make shorter the trip (15hours) , Norwegian have flights almost every day starting at 300€ ( 341 USD) between December ´19 and February ´20.

MiamiIberia operates daily with fares starting 355€ (402 USD) and 15h flight time. Best prices from November to February .

Boston – November , January and February are best price moments 359€ (405USD) with Tap Air Portugal in a night flight (12h)

Los Angeles – Best price in October 2019 with Norwegian 568€ (644 USD)

San Francisco – Best prices in January , February and March for 580€ (657 USD) with Iberia

Toronto 441€ (664 CAD) best flight option for January with Tap Air Portugal