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Plan your bike holidays from Norway to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a week to Gran Canaria from most important airports.

Straight flights from Norway : Actually ( June 19 ) there are some pretty good prices to book week holidays flights .

Oslo – Direct Flights every day. Prices start to decrease in August ´19 with prices like 135€ (1323 NOK) with Norwegian. November and December ´19 January, February 2020 prices like 102€ (1000 NOK) with Ryanair.

Bike transport conditions here for Norwegian and Ryanair

Trondheim – Direct flight starts in November with Norwegian for 255€ (2500 NOK) . Lowest prices are in december and January for around 200€ (1961 NOK)

Bike transport conditions here for Norwegian.

Bergen – Flights every saturday. In august first offer with Norwegian for 165€ (1617 NOK) , December 196€ (1921 NOK), January 236€ (2314 NOK), February 267€ (2618 NOK)

Bike transport conditions here for Norwegian.